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Launch your career in Computer Science!

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The Bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg offers a computer science study programme aimed to bring you the theoretical and practical skills to pursue a career in Computer Science.

The Programme at a glance – 180 ECTS

  • Duration:
    3 years / 6 sem
  • Teaching Languages:
  • Admissions:
    EU: 1 Feb 2023 – 31 Jul 2023
    Non-EU: 1 Feb 2023 – 30 Apr 2023
  • Fees:
    400€/ sem. (semester 1,2)
    200€/ sem. (semester 3,4,5,6)
  • Format:
    Full-time programme (Part-time student status allowed)


The Bachelor in Computer Science provides the bases on the three following main dimensions: creativity to be able to generate new ideas ; science to acquire precise knowledge determined using observations, experimentations, reasonings and expressions and digital technologies to rely on electronic devices and get used to process information.

BICS prepares you to continue your studies in a master programme related to computer sciences and is a scientific program meaning that you must be interested by one or more of these terms: precision, rigor, quality, method, deduction, logic, structure, abstraction.

The Bachelor in Computer Science is managed by the Department of Computer Science composed of an international team of experienced university researchers combined with IT experts from the private sector.

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Programme of excellence

The Bachelor is designed on the bases of international curricula standards (e.g. CS, CC, SE, IT ACM/IEEE).  It aims to develop interests and strengths in science and technology through the acquisition of solid foundational concepts.


Students acquire knowledge and develop skills by a combination of classical theoretical lectures and practice through research and development projects.


For any question regarding the Bachelor in Computer Science, please send your request to

  • Martin Theobald

    Study Programme Director
    Computer Science
  • Alfredo Capozucca

    Study Programme Director
    Computer Science
  • Khadidiatou Diop

    Study Programme Administrator
    Computer Science