Studies Bachelor in Medicine

After the complete Bachelor’s degree in Medicine at the University of Luxembourg (33 places)

Further study in France: 25 places

According to the decree of 4 January 2019 on scientific and university cooperation between France and Luxembourg, 25 places are available in the following partner universities in France:

Further study in Belgium: 8 places

8 places are currently available at the following partner universities in Belgium:

After the first year in medicine at the University of Luxembourg

At the end of the first year, the allocation of places in Luxembourg and in our partner universities (France, Belgium and Germany) is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • On merit, according to the place in the end-of-year ranking examination (average of the results of the 2 semesters)
  • the best student chooses his or her destination, then the second of the remaining places, then the third, and so on until the last one.

Please note: even if you pass the final ranking examination at the end of the first year, there may not be any place to continue your studies at one of the partner universities: the University of Luxembourg cannot be held responsible for this in any way.

Luxembourg: 33 places

  • Conditions: First year of Bachelor in Medicine validated at the University of Luxembourg

France: 34 places

  • Conditions: bilingual (French-German) + validation of a 4-week hospital internship.
  • Admission: 2nd year
  • Distribution for medicine: Lorraine (12 places), Strasbourg (12 places) and Paris VI (10 places)
  • For dentistry, 13 places are available (but then counted against the medical places) in Lorraine and Strasbourg

Germany: 3 places

  • Conditions: Luxembourg students
  • Admission: in the first, second or third semester depending on the university.
  • Distribution: München (1 place), Erlangen-Nürnburg (1 place), Würzburg (1 place)

Belgium: 15 places

  • Requirements: secondary school leaving certificate from Luxembourg
  • Admission: The compatibility of Luxembourg and Belgian curricula is assessed each year by a joint committee.
  • Distribution: Brussels (3 places), Liège (3 places), Leuven (3 places), Mons (3 places), Namur (3 places)