Study Programmes Bachelor en Médecine

Study and career opportunities

Having completed a Bachelor in Medicine, graduates have to continue their studies in order to be able to exercise the profession and to become a medical doctor.
The current possibilities are:
1) Doing a Master in Medicine at one partner university in France or Belgium
2) Continuing medical studies at one partner universities in France, Belgium or Germany (for students leaving at the end of the 1st year)

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    Learning Outcomes

    Students undertaking the Bachelor in Mathematics (BMATH) degree programme gain solid competence in fundamental branches of mathematics. At the end of the Bachelor, students are able to:

    • Use their knowledge to solve problems through scientific reasoning
    • Document and synthesise
    • Communicate in a structured way with different categories of interlocutors
    • Work effectively in a team and collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment
    • Engage in a process of continuous learning
    • Understand public health issues
    • Demonstrate critical and creative thinking
    • Display professional and ethical behaviour