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About the DoE

University of Luxembourg’s Department of Engineering

Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering, and Computational Sciences. We explore the full scope of contemporary engineering. Our dynamic interdisciplinary teams work together and teach in seven research areas, focusing on sustainability and digital solutions.
Extensive collaborations with industry and public administrations help researchers and studentscultivate their skills and networks.

    Engineering in Luxembourg, engineers for Luxembourg

    Most research at the DoE is crafted to enhance Luxembourg’s competitiveness, in line with our 100-year history.

    Sharing the same ethos, our courses produce well-trained engineers from the bachelor’s to the PhD level.

    Beyond the traditional engineering disciplines, our teams and teaching programmes explore emerging contemporary issues. We cover sustainable construction, products and materials, energy, clean water, reducing CO2 emissions, optimising transport, digital modelling, etc. These topics are shared with the general public during outreach events.

    By tackling the specific needs of industry and public administrations, we forge solid and lasting collaborations. As a result, we have a strong track record of workplace insertion for our graduates, from the bachelor’s up to the PhD level.

    Our small teams, accessibility, openness to discussion, and friendly atmosphere make the DoE a stimulating international environment where world-leading research happens. The department has registered patents, has created spin-offs, and regularly publishes open-access software. Cutting-edge laboratory test facilities are available on-site and supported by an experienced technical support team.

    What we stand for

    Our mission

    The Department of Engineering performs cutting-edge research and provides excellent education, targeting global challenges of particular interest to Luxembourg and beyond. Our mission is to educate brilliant, creative, and adaptable engineers who can be future leaders in their fields.

    Our vision

    Our department aims to make a substantial contribution to fulfilling the University’s and Luxembourg’s goals. Moreover, we are aligned with the EU pillars for industrial competitiveness and global challenges. We believe that innovative technological solutions are required to make advances on all these fronts. We want our department to remain a breeding ground for such demanding tasks.

    Our values

    Innovative and bold mind-set

    Our graduates and staff have excellent leadership skills but are also team players sharing a daring attitude focused on innovative actions with potential for implementation.

    Vibrant multilingual environment

    The DoE provides a vibrant, multilingual, inclusive, and personal environment, which is recognized for its excellent research, innovative ideas, and distinct approach to problem-solving.

    Inspiring masterminds

    In line with our century-long engineering tradition in Luxembourg, we wish to continue to inspire both students and scientists.

    Our team

    Traditionally innovative

    Building on our long history of engineering, the DoE’s cutting-edge research continues to shape the future. Our alumni are the backbone of many leading companies, scientific institutions, and administrations in Luxembourg and worldwide.
    Theses’ Days and Annual Research Days continuously stimulate interdisciplinarity and innovation. The industrial board guarantees links to Luxembourg’s current and future needs.

    Stephan Leyer

    Stephan Leyer

    Head of Department of Engineering

    A. Zilian

    Andreas Zilian

    Full professor

    In numbers

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      professors & lecturers
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