Study Programmes Bachelor en Sciences sociales et éducatives

Academic lifelong learning programme

General admission requirements

  • a minimum of three years of professional experience (full-time) in a field relevant to the Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives
  • a Luxembourgish general or technical secondary school diploma, or a diploma recognised as equivalent. If your secondary education diploma has not been issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education, you must apply for diploma recognition.
  • Proficiency in the languages of instruction of the programme. German and French at a level C1 and English at a level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. Language certificates are required if the degree has been issued outside the EU or if you have not studied German and French during secondary school.

Specific selection procedure

Completed applications for the academic lifelong learning programme are ranked separately. They are assessed and graded by an admissions jury according to an evaluation grid taking into account the diplomas obtained, the letter of motivation, the essay, the professional experience (including internships and voluntary work) in the social and educational field, the relevant completed training courses, as well as the social, educational, cultural, political and sporting commitments.


  1. Register online within the deadline and tick the box “VAE” (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience).
  2. Clearly state in your letter of motivation that you are applying for the academic lifelong learning programme.
  3. Complete your application by submitting all the requested documents. Applicants must strictly comply to the instructions given during online registration.

Course organisation

The academic lifelong learning programme allows for various adaptations of the study programme giving students a greater flexibility in the organisation of their course schedules:

  • through the recognition of prior experience, students can be exempted from a number of courses. Between 37 and 90 ECTS can be validated (out of a total of 180 ECTS).
  • students benefit from personal support during their studies.
  • students are more flexible in designing their course schedules according to their needs.

The duration of the studies depends on the student’s individual situation. Depending on the number of exemptions approved by the recognition procedures, full-time students should allow themselves at least 4 semesters to complete the academic lifelong learning programme. For part-time students, a minimum of 8 semesters is required.

Note: Classes take place during the day, so the programme is not compatible with a full-time job.

Recognition of prior experience (RPE)


  • at least three years of full-time working experience in a field elated to the Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives
  • and/or a completed university degree related to social and educational sciences
  • having applied for the Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives

A recognition of prior experience may give you the right to an exemption from certain courses for which your professional or academic experience has been recognised as equivalent.

Prior to any request, it is recommended to consult the study curriculum and the course descriptions of the Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives to assess the possibility of acquiring a VAE.

For more information on the recognition of prior experience procedures visit the Admissions page.


Candidates admitted to the Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives may apply for recognition of prior experience by filling in the respective form.

Students will be notified of the decision before the beginning of the winter semester.