Study Programmes Bachelor en Sciences sociales et éducatives

Career opportunities

The Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives prepares students for a career in the field of social work as well as for management and leadership positions in social or educational institutions. In Luxembourg, the degree gives students access to the regulated profession of “assistant∙e social∙e”. Students can also continue their studies with a Master’s degree and direct their career towards research and teaching.

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    Learning outcomes

    At the end of the programme students are able to

    • analyse social challenges in different phases of the life course and in relation to different institutional contexts of social and educational work;
    • explain the relationships between the individual, the group and society in their multidimensionality;
    • use social and educational research methods to study scientific issues;
    • critically discuss the societal function of social intervention (contradictions, tensions, issues);
    • design and implement social and educational programmes or projects at different levels, for different target groups and in relation to different stages of the life course;
    • apply fundamental ethical principles in the conduct of social and educational interventions: human dignity, respect, participation, equal opportunities.