Study Programmes Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance


“I can confidently say that studies at MQEF were a defining experience in my life, shaping me as a person, as a researcher, and as a professional. And I am sure that without it I would not be able to pursue a PhD at Stanford University.

I am immensely grateful for deep fundamental knowledge from professors who are truly passionate about research and teaching, for the involved, challenging, and exciting atmosphere of the program, and for the welcoming community I was able to join. The program’s unique 1-1 adviser-advisee ratio was a standout feature for me, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into research under the fascinating mentorship of my macroeconomics professor.

I am still astonished by how concentrated the program was, as in just one year I was able to significantly improve my knowledge in core advanced economics courses and explore electives aligned with my research interests. Even after several years, I find myself revisiting the class notes from my Master’s program in Luxembourg with a warm nostalgia about my studies there!”

Daria Matvienko – MQEF graduate – PhD student in Economics at Stanford University

“Coming from a background in real estate, I was eager to transition into the finance industry. The program’s comprehensive curriculum, centered around learning and developing financial and economic models, played a pivotal role in equipping me with the necessary tools and knowledge. 

For example, the hands-on experience in risk analysis tasks in the second semester has not only expanded my quantitative capabilities but also proved invaluable in my current role in investment risk management. One of the standout features of the program was the opportunity to deep dive into top academics’ papers in the financial and economic fields. 

This training has not only broadened my understanding but also enhanced my ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems. This skill set became a distinguishing factor when seeking employment opportunities, particularly when I secured a position in Luxembourg. The emphasis on deep learning and critical thinking within the program has been a cornerstone in my professional journey. Armed with strong mathematical skills, I now excel in various quantitative tasks, including the meticulous review of investment models and conducting stress tests. The program’s focus on understanding complex economical & financial theories has empowered me to integrate my real estate asset management background seamlessly with problem-solving skills, delivering exceptional results at work.”

Annie (Heng) YAO – MQEF graduate – Associate Vice President, Investment Risk Management, Nuveen – a TIAA Company