Faculty Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF)

About the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance

We focus on cutting-edge research, innovative teaching and community-driven outreach initiatives. We work together with public and private partners to advance the frontiers of knowledge and educate our next generation.

    Sustainability and digitalisation at the forefront of research and teaching

    An awareness of our changing world has been translated into ambitious initiatives such as the founding of our virtual, cross-disciplinary platform, the House for Sustainable Governance and Markets (HSGM) and the development of our Chair and research programme in Sustainable Finance. Aligned with the University’s goals, we understand the need to look squarely at these important issues and give the younger generation of professionals and researchers the tools necessary to make a positive impact on the world they will inherit.

    To that end, we have also opened a track in Digital Transformation in Finance for students who wish to combine studies in finance with data analytics and computer programming, and a track in Digital Procurement for students in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with an interest in how digitalisation, including data science and machine learning is contributing to the evolution of the field.

    FDEF in numbers

    • 936 Bachelor students

    • 577 Master students

    • 145 PhD students

    • 4 Bachelor programmes

    • 13 Master programmes

    • 3 Certificate programmes

    • 2 Doctoral schools

    • 97 Nationalities

    • 3 Campuses

    • 3 Official languages

    Focus on interdisciplinary initiatives

    Working together to create new knowledge

    Today, it’s not enough to stay locked into one discipline. To understand the bigger picture, we have to expand our scope and look further than our departments and our faculty. We actively support this vision of higher education. With rapid change and technological leaps forward creating an ever-shifting paradigm, we see our role as a node in a larger network of knowledge.

    Whether it be through interdisiplinary doctoral training units, research projects with other faculties, centers and extenral partners or course offerings which provide students with multi-skill training to face the practical demands of professional life, the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance plans to continue to bring its unique expertise and vision of excellence to the larger University community for years to come.

    Our people

    FDEF counts a large and diverse body of academic staff, supported by a dedicated team of administrative professionals.
    Adjunct professors, from both academic and industry backgrounds complete our teaching body.

    Katalin Ligeti

    Prof. Katalin Ligeti


    Arnaud Dupuy

    Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

    People in numbers

    • 77
      Professors (full and associate)
    • 49
      Administrative staff
    • 99
    • 16
      Technical and support staff
    • 241
      Total staff members