Faculty Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF)

Research at FDEF

We benefit from the proximity of the European institutions, Luxembourg’s leading international financial centre and its dynamic business community. Institutional and private sector partnerships, sponsored Chairs and a growing network of international partner universities make the FDEF a vibrant academic hub.

Three departments, one vision

The Faculty’s departments emphasise different research areas inline with the strategic priorities of the Faculty and the University, giving a clear focus and outlook to their activities.

Department of Law
Over 80 researchers in Law are running comparative and interdisciplinary research covering the full spectrum of the legal field. Faculty members and graduates of our programmes are at the forefront of developing transformative answers to legal challenges in Luxembourg, Europe and abroad.

Department of Economics and Management
The 60 researchers at the Department of Economics and Management, including the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management do not only contribute to top-level scientific research programmes, networks and publications, but also provide advanced quantitative education in Economics and Management.

Department of Finance
The Department of Finance conducts world class research in four main clusters including, Asset Management, Institutions, Financial Innovation and Sustainable Finance. Contributions from the Department’s 30 researchers is published in the leading journals and regularly highlighted in the press.

FDEF Doctoral schools

A bridge between education and research

The FDEF counts two Doctoral schools, the Doctoral School of Law (DSL) headed by Prof. Joana Mendes and the Doctoral School of Economics, Finance and Management headed by Prof. Pierre Picard.

Around 130 PhD students conduct doctoral research within internally and externally funded research projects including 5 DTUs, funded by the FNR PRIDE instruments (REMS REMS II, MINLAB, ACCROS, DILLAN).