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FDEF Quality

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg (FDEF) obtained ISO 9001 certification for the third time in May 2017 for its administration and the administrative management of its activities. Re-certification ISO 9001 is under preparation. 

Based on ISO standard 9001:2015, an international standard recognised worldwide, the Faculty’s approach contributes to reinforcing a quality system and culture that is driven by a shared attitude and understanding. It is in line with what has been one of the University of Luxembourg’s key concerns since its inception in 2003, which has been to ensure quality.

The quality management system implemented throughout the Faculty’s administration is based on three key objectives:

  • develop a lean and efficient administration,
  • promote and reinforce the permanent vocational training for all Faculty administrative staff members,
  • ensure reliable management accounting and budget monitoring.

“The ISO approach is a continuous effort to keep our administration to the highest standard.” It represents an ongoing process involving all of our colleagues in administration to firmly embed quality culture in our Faculty,” explains the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, Prof. Katalin Ligeti. “We aim to offer the best service to our students, our researchers, our partner institutions and companies, but also the general public who should be able to take pride in their university. The ISO re-certification that we seek remains an important step in ensuring efficiency, transparency and accountability.”

For further information, please contact Dr. Hélène Langlois, Team Leader FDEF Compliance and Quality Unit.

Download the Quality Manual of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance:

In November 2019,  the following six Master programmes offered by the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance were accredited for a period of five years, until end of winter semester 2024/2025 by FIBAA, an internationally-recognised agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education: 

  • Master in European Union Law and Litigation LLM,
  • Master in Space, Communication and Media Law LLM,
  • Master in European Business Law LLM,
  • Master in European Banking and Financial Law LLM,
  • Master in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law LLM and
  • Master in European and International Tax Law LLM.

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance was the first faculty at the University of Luxembourg to receive accreditation for its study programmes. In November 2015, its five Master programmes in Finance, Economics and Management were already accredited by FIBAA.

A procedure for the (re-) accreditation of the new and existing Master programmes in Finance, Economics and Management was launched at the beginning of 2020.

In September 2020, the FIBAA Commission responsible for accreditations of study programmes decided about the re-accreditation of ​the three Masters:

  • Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Master in Wealth Management
  • Master in Accounting and Audit.

They are accredited until winter semester 2027/2028.

The two Masters:

  • Master of Science in Finance and Economics
  • Master of Science in Quantitative Economics

are initially accredited until winter semester 2025/2026.

The FIBAA accreditation is an important seal of approval for the FDEF study programmes. This ensures that they meet quality criteria and standards recognised at European and international level in regards to content, processes and outcomes, instruments, and programme documentation

Gathering, analysing and responding to student feedback is an important part of our goal to continuously improve the quality of our students’ learning experience.

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance creates opportunities to start conversations with students about courses, programmes, assessments, and the University in general through the following channels:

  • Student feedback through regular meetings with Study Programme Representatives
  • Student participation in Programme Steering Committees and in the Faculty Council meetings
  • Student course feedback
  • A dedicated address, fdef-quality@uni.lu, at which students may submit comments, concerns or compliments

For more information about student feedback at the University of Luxembourg, please visit the student feedback page.

Each semester, the FDEF asks its students to provide feedback on their courses during the Course Feedback period. This feedback helps teaching staff adapt their courses and think about their teaching, while also giving students the opportunity to reflect on the learning process. Additionally, it provides our Faculty with important information about the student experience and the quality of teaching and learning at the University of Luxembourg.

Access the online student course feedback platform.

For any additional information, problems or requests regarding the course feedback, please contact: course.feedback@uni.lu or fdef-quality@uni.lu