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Schreibwissenschaft (Book series)

The series is associated with the Austrian Association for Academic Writing GewissS (Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliches Schreiben) and publishes theoretical and empirical studies from the field of writing research. The series aims to not only offer a forum for publications of the field but also to contribute to establishing writing research in terms of sharpening its profile. The series “Schreibwissenschaft” will contain monographs as well as anthologies. Book proposals are welcome. In order to ensure high academic quality, the series will be supported by an international advisory board of recognized experts.

Volume 1

Huemer, B., Lejot, E., & Deroey, K. (2019). Academic writing across languages: Multilingual and contrastive approaches in higher education (Schreibwissenschaft; Band 1). Vienna: Böhlau. The book explores how academic writing varies across languages in order to enrich concepts for teaching academic writing in multilingual environments. Contributions are in English, German, and French.

Volume 2

Huemer, B. et al. (2020). Schreibwissenschaft – eine neue Disziplin. Diskursübergreifende Perspektiven. (Schreibwissenschaft; Band 2). Vienna: Böhlau. The second anthology in this series is the result of a symposium, which was held at the Alpen-Adria University in Klagenfurt, Austria in May 2019 in co-operation with the University of Luxembourg. The book presents theoretical and methodological approaches to academic writing in German from various disciplines. It is devoted to the question of how far academic writing can establish itself as an (inter-)discipline for academic contexts.


  • Birgit HUEMER

    Birgit HUEMER

    Assistant professor/Senior research scientist

  • Dr. Katrien DEROEY

    Dr. Katrien DEROEY

    Assistant professor/Senior research scientist

  • Prof. Dr. Eve LEJOT

    Prof. Dr. Eve LEJOT

    Assistant professor