LunchTalk series

The news talk about global warming, fair ecological and energy transitions, social justice, the circular economy and sustainable finance. The mass of information is confusing.

To cut through the noise and to reinforce the internal dialogue and commitment for sustainable and societal development, the University of Luxembourg launches a new LunchTalk series devoted to sustainability.

These LunchTalks show the University’s commitment to share information and raise awareness on the very diverse themes of sustainability. So that we can – individually and collectively – contribute to a sustainable way of life in Luxembourg.

The Sustainability LunchTalks are for everyone, staff and students alike. They are organized for you. In a short and interactive format, they help you to understand and prepare for the future transformations to come.

Sustainability Lunchtalk series Sustainable Financial Regulation

Sustainable Financial Regulation
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dirk A. Zetzsche (
Co-host: Dr. Marco Bodellini (
Date: 3 October 2023

Sustainability Lunchtalk series No1 cover image

SDG #1 – No poverty
Speaker: Prof. Conchita D’Ambrosio (FHSE)
Co-host: Prof. Philippe Van Kerm (FHSE) (LISER)
Date: 26 April 2023

Sustainability Lunchtalk series ecosystems and numbers

Sustainability, ecosystems, and numbers: an unexpected marriage
Speaker: Dr Miguel Equihua Zamora (Inecol, Veracruz, Mexico)
Co-host: Dr Philippe Delfosse (Strategic Advisor to the Rector (
Date: 07 March 2023

Sustainability Lunchtalk series The market for green investment funds

The market for green investment funds
Speakers: Prof. Michael Halling (FDEF)
Co-host: Prof. Skerdi Zanaj (FDEF)
Date: 25 January 2023

Sustainability Lunchtalk series solar cells

How Solar Cells Help Mitigate the Climate Crisis
Speakers: Prof. Susanne Siebentritt (FSTM)
Co-host: Prof. Nils Löhndorf (FDEF)
Date: 7 December 2022

Sustainability Lunchtalk series - regional climate change impacts for LU

Regional climate change impacts
Speaker: Dr. Juergen Junk (LIST)
Co-host: Prof. Harlan Koff (
Date: 24 October 2022

Sustainability Lunchtalk series environmental impact of our mobility

The environmental impact of our mobility
Speakers: Dr. Elorri Igos and Dr. Thomas Gibon (LIST)
Co-host: Prof. Francesco Viti (
Date: 21 September 2022

Sustainability Lunchtalk series The impact of our food

Environmental impact of our food
Speaker: Dr Elorri Igos (LIST)
Co-host: Dr Rachel Reckinger (
Date: 29 June 2022

Sustainability Lunchtalk series Energy balance

Energy balance
Speaker: Prof. Phillip Dale (
Co-host: Dr Ariane König (
Date: 5 May 2022