Research Group Automation & Robotics (ARG)

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Autonomous robots and Intelligent Automation Systems
Many complex technical systems need to execute their tasks efficiently and with an increasing degree of autonomy, requiring flexible and intelligent automation. ARG conducts research to enable mobile and industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, space and energy systems to better perceive the world around them and to interact with it in an optimal and intelligent way.

The Era of Secure
and Safe Multi-
Robot Systems

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Researchers & Partners

The group’s research activities take place along three main lines: situational awareness for intelligent systems, optimisation for planning and automation, and advanced control and execution. Within the group, researchers acquire an extensive knowledge of key methodologies and technologies for intelligent and autonomous systems, which can be used in a variety of applications. Furthermore, they have the chance to work on the real-world problems of industry-driven projects. ARG’s facilities include the Aerial Robotics Lab, the Future Industry Lab and the Social Robotics Lab. The group also conducts research activities in SnT’s 360Lab and the space labs.

Prospective partners seeking support with concrete research questions requiring deeper examination will find a team with experience across many domains of expertise. Collaborating with industry players is a key aspect of the group’s work, and the state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructures provide the venue to validate solutions for quick deployment. Fields of application are autonomous vehicles and robots, space, industry 4.0, energy and medical systems.