Research area Computational Engineering and Modelling

Building computational models to understand diseases

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Multidisciplinary collaboration has become increasingly important for research.


The human body is a highly complex network. Diseases can be regarded as perturbations of that network. To better understand disease mechanisms, our team of biologists and medical doctors conduct experiments and examine patients, generating a vast amount of scientific data. To analyse biological systems in depth, we developed the infrastructure to manage and process large amounts of data, as well as computational tools to aid in interpretation.

Once the data are handled according to the highest quality standards, our scientists turn them into knowledge by developing mathematical and computational approaches to visualise and analyse the different types of data.

Such networks allow us to study who is connected to whom, who plays a central role and which pathways get blocked or altered in a specific disease. We can also simulate what would happen when we interfere with the system, for instance when administering a drug. Such virtual clinical trials are an important step in the development of new therapies, as they can help to narrow down potential candidates and hence speed up the process.

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