Doctoral Education Doctoral School in Science and Engineering

Courses – Training

During their doctoral studies at the University of Luxembourg, Doctoral Candidates are required to gain a minimum of 20 ECTS points (5 ECTS in transferable skills and 15 within their discipline). The aim is to provide a framework for acquiring the necessary competence to complete a successful Doctoral thesis, whilst at the same time gaining a solid basis for future meaningful research within your specific discipline, the academic community and society in general.

Transferable skills (TS) courses help you to develop core academic skills (e.g. writing research papers, skills in academic teaching, giving presentations, etc.) and professional/interpersonal skills (e.g. project management, leadership, conflict management, etc.).

Disciplinary/interdisciplinary courses are designed for candidates within the relevant programmes. Each programme offers a series of disciplinary courses in a variety of different formats (reading groups, traditional courses, intensive courses, lecture series, seminars, etc.). More information is available on the Programme’s webpages.