Doctoral Education Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management

About our school

The DSEFM offers a full-fledged Doctoral programme in Economics, Finance and Management. Its focus on research excellence, interdisciplinarity, and its links with financial institutions in Luxembourg provide students with a unique learning experience.
Research produced at the DSEFM is published in well known international peer reviewed journals in Economics, Finance and Management.


    The objective of the DSEFM is to produce highly skilled researchers who contribute to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in Economics, Finance and Management. During their course of study, doctoral students focus on new and original research questions and address them using advanced quantitative tools and methods.

    In collaboration with the Bureau des Etudes Doctorales (BED), the DSEFM develops cross-disciplinary and academic competences such as scientific writing, presentation, and communication skills (about 30 transferable skills courses). Training modules include doctoral courses and seminars offered by professors affiliated with the DSEFM, external universities, and partner institutions. The DSEFM offers about 25 disciplinary and inter-disciplinary courses.

    The working language of the DSEFM is English.

    Doctoral Training Units (DTUs)


    The DEM and DF currently host two Doctoral Training Units

    1. Analysis of Cross-Border Human Mobility – ACROSS, coordinated by Prof Beine (DEM).

    2. Experiments, Ethics and Economics – 3E, coordinated by Prof Neugebauer (DF).

    The DSEFM is interdisciplinary in nature. Its PhD students can be affiliated with DTUs coordinated by other departments of the University of Luxembourg.