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The Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) 3E – Experiments, Ethics and Economics – consists of an interdisciplinary consortium of 9 social scientists who use scientific experiments involving human subjects in their research. The objective of the consortium is to create a formal link for collaboration across the three existing social science research laboratories in Luxembourg, with the aim to push forward the state-of-the-art of what we know about human behaviour in economic interactions

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The DTU 3E gathers members across 5 Luxembourgish research units:

  • Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research LISER
  • Research Group: Self-Regulation and Health (Faculty of Humanities FLSHASE, University of Luxembourg UL)
  • Institute of Cognitive Science and Assessment COSA (FLSHASE, UL)
  • Department of Finance (Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance FDEF, UL)
  • Luxembourg Centre of Logistics LCL (DEM, FDEF, UL)