Doctoral Education Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences

Training opportunities

Unlock your potential with advanced doctoral training tailored to your needs

Doctoral students often have unique schedules and responsibilities that require a flexible approach to learning. At our Doctoral School you can customize your training by focusing on areas that are relevant to your research work. Candidates choose a pertinent disciplinary Strand Colloquium where they present their own projects, find out about and discuss their peers’ research focus, provide feedback, and gain insight into the most relevant topics in their discipline.

Our Programmes are:

  • Education: aims to comprehend and promote learning. Participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay among various factors that impact the learning process.
  • Humanities : concerned with the interpretation and analysis of social and cultural systems.
  • Psychology: provides an overview and in-depth training in contemporary theory and research in the behavioural sciences, primarily focusing on the areas of health, human development and learning processes.
  • Social Sciences: explores overlapping themes including the impact of inequalities, migration, the socioeconomic consequences of labour market transformation, changes in financial institutions amongst others.