Doctoral Education Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences

Building connections for the future

With strong ties to the Luxembourg cultural and social networks, our Doctoral School is uniquely placed to serve both the local and global academic communities. We offer our doctoral candidates the opportunity to conduct research in a variety of fields and languages fostering professional development through a range of funding opportunities, transferable skills courses and international travel.

    Knowledge creation and exchange at a global level

    Local and international connections

    Our School is well positioned to draw strength from its social and territorial ties. We offer you targeted training programmes in a variety of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transferrable skills courses to support you in achieving your academic and professional objectives. Our supervisors not only conduct research in different academic fields but are also well connected in Luxembourg and beyond with access to specialist institutional bodies, educational organisations, and private sector sponsors that have robust ties with us through our alumni network.

    Our graduates often decide to stay in Luxembourg and work in a diverse number of settings, from private sector to academia and international institutions. The range and breadth of networks you will create while with us will sustain you throughout your future professional and academic career. Our Doctoral School Programmes are Education, Humanities, Psychology, and Social Sciences with over 130 supervisors in a diversity of expert fields.

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