Research Collaboration and engagement

Collaboration and engagement

The University of Luxembourg leverages knowledge and technology transfer to translate its findings into practical innovations that benefit both industry and society. These innovations enhance our society’s competitiveness, foster critical thinking and contribute to our overall economic prosperity.

The University relies on partnerships with private and public partners and uses instruments such as endowed chairs, co-sponsored PhDs, or joint and co-designed research programmes. Research activities at the University have already led to the founding of several spin-offs.

The transfer of findings often relies on hard sciences and technology, but the University also seeks partnerships which harness knowledge generated in social sciences, humanities and law, thus also promoting social entrepreneurship.

The University runs the University Incubator, open to all members of the University community (including alumni) which provide workshops and mentorships to those wishing to pursue an entrepreneurial idea. It also hosts some of the start-ups/spin-offs originating from the University and provides training in entrepreneurship.