Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC)

Online Press

Online resources available on tablets

Near the televisions on the ground floor, you can sit in one of the armchairs equipped with tablets and log into the catalogue to access a wide range of online press.

From the Financial Times to Le Monde, find out what’s going on in the world for free with quality articles from over 120 countries. Platforms such as Europress and Pressreader also offer a selection of daily magazines.

To benefit from this service, you need to be registered as a student or staff member at the LLC or to be registered at the National Library of Luxembourg. Find out how to consult online press from home. BnL

Televisions and paper journals

Watch news channels or read the press

Four TVs are available to watch international news channels. Each TV has two comfortable seats and headphones for two people. You can also keep up to date with the daily, weekly and monthly press from Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and France. Magazines and newspapers cannot be borrowed, but feel free to use the Copy Corners to make scans or copies.