Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC)

Copy Corners

Printing, photocopying and scanning

There are Copy Corners on every floor of the LLC with multifunction printers and high-definition scanners for printing, photocopying and scanning documents. These facilities are available for University members and external users. If you encounter any problems, ask for help from the library staff in the Welcome Zone or elsewhere in the library.

  • Black and white

    5 cents per copy

  • Colour copy

    10 cents per copy

Students: at the beginning of each semester, the University gives you €12.50 of credit on your card. You can recharge your print account at SEVE with a credit card.
Online top-up service: via Guichet Etudiant
External users: you can recharge your print account with a credit card.

  • Students and staff

    log in by entering your University ID and password on the screen.
    You can also log in by placing your student/staff card on the card reader.

  • External users

    on the screen, press “User+PIN code”, then enter the ID and PIN code you received when you created your print account.

  • From an LLC computer
    (students and University members only)

    Click on “Print” and select the printer “Batman”

  • From your laptop (students and University members only)

    From your University email account, send an email to the address with your file as an attachment – PDF format only

  • With a USB flash drive

    Connect the USB drive to the USB port on the printer
    Log in and select “Access stored files”
    Select “Memory media”

Please note that this is only for external users. Students and staff members already have an account.

  • Press the “Create Account” button on any printer in the LLC
  • Choose a username and enter your e-mail address
  • After signing up, your PIN will be displayed on the screen and sent to the provided e-mail address
  • Add money to your account via the terminal in the copy corner on the ground floor
  • A minimum of 5€ must be added with a bank card

High-definition scanners at your disposal

How to use the book scanner
  1. Insert a USB flash drive at the top right of the machine
  2. Select your language
  3. Select how you want to save the images (either temporarily to the scanner while you scan the pages or directly to USB) then select the name of the folder where the images will be stored
  4. Set your preferences (image format, etc.) then place the open book with the pages facing upwards and press +
  5. You can resize the image or delete it by pressing the bin symbol