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The LLC offers a variety of databases that can be searched via, by entering keywords in the simple/advanced search fields, typing the title in the alphabetical search or using the subject-related categories. The focus and thus the content of the databases varies widely: some databases focus on a specific format (e.g. only e-books, articles in e-journals, preprints or scientific data, etc.), while others offer all types of electronic publications (journal articles, books, proceedings, videos, etc.). Some databases provide full-text access, while others only provide information about the existence of a document (bibliographic databases). Some databases focus on a specific topic, while others are multidisciplinary. Some databases contain publications from only one publisher, while others contain content from several publishers.
The aim of the catalogue is to list every document in every database, so that you can search all the databases at once. But to perform a detailed and sophisticated search, it makes sense to use the relevant database, as may not include every single article and a “metasearch” via will only ever be a compromise between the various databases in terms of search functionalities.


    In the catalogue, you can search for online databases via the “Database search” button in the top menu of the page. This leads to an alphabetical list of all databases offered in as well as to a category tree to filter databases by subjects – based on the Dewey Decimal Classification codes that are also used to sort books and journals in the LLC.

    All databases are searchable via the search bar, too. Simply enter a title or a keyword in the “Simple search” or – if you search via the “Advanced Search” – tick “Digital Library” in order to restrict the results to digital content only. In the list of results, you will see an “Online access” link for each database and via the “Type of document” filter on the right you can restrict the result list to databases only.

    Available via for registered users.


    For all databases which are not freely available online you need to be registered with the library to make use of its licences. If you try to access content directly on the respective platform of a database without signing in beforehand on, access might be denied even if the library has a licence. Furthermore, some databases are only accessible on University premises in accordance with licence conditions set by the publisher. See the respective information provided in for each database.

    Available via for registered users

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