Interdisciplinary Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)

Rodent Facility

The rodent facility has been established to assist researchers in the development and analysis of various in vivo models including humanized and germ-free animals. The facility has the capacity to house more than 100 different mouse lines in 1200 IVC cages in the Breeding barrier under SOPF status. The Experimental barrier with a capacity for 800 mouse cages, is dedicated to studies on transgenic rodents and offers the possibility to realize BSL-2 activities and housing xenograft models. Genetically modified rodent lines can be maintained either as live animals or as cryopreserved sperm or embryos. The facility offers the possibility of running a broad number of experimental procedures on the premises, including stereotaxic surgical procedures, behavior assessments (open field, catwalk, DVC), and multi-photon microscopy. Additionally, humanized mouse models can be provided within an SPF environment. The Germ-free Unit is established within the Breeding barrier to ensure a controlled health status. For colonization studies, germ-free mice can be inoculated with a suspension of a specific microbe (mono-colonization), a defined finite group of microbes, or a polymicrobial mixture.

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