Study Programmes Master in Information System Security Management

Career opportunities

Graduates from the Master in Information System Security Management are trained as information security managers. They have access to jobs in a variety of institutions and companies, including banks, industries, and the public sector.

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    Learning Outcomes

    Students undertaking the Master in Information System Security Management (MISSM) degree programme gain solid competence in information security management. At the end of the Master, students are able to:

    • Select information, tools, methods, and core competencies necessary for up-to-date information security management
    • Deduce and analyse the real and relevant criteria guiding information security, both globally and for a given company
    • Identify and interpret relevant legal, organisational, and managerial sources for a given company
    • Define, classify, and identify the necessary elements to design security solutions integrating management and technology. Plan, design, and implement these solutions
    • Evaluate an existing security situation and proposed solutions
    • Validate, recommend, and implement information security improvements
    • Identify specific human and communication risks for information security; analyse and deduce solutions to be implemented
    • Communicate conclusions and the rationale unambiguously and exhaustively to diverse audiences
    • Be responsible and professional players in security and privacy
    • Understand the social and ethical consequences linked to data protection and the importance of compliance with the regulatory framework.

    Alumni testimonial

    “This Master immediately appealed to me because it offers an unusual mix of skills in the three main information security topics, namely management, techniques, and most of all, the human aspects. Working at the heart of local market issues within a relational framework is very rewarding. Even today, it remains a source of inspiration for me. Finally, this Master is an ideal place to meet other professionals. An experience to be lived and full of meaning.”

    Raphaël Taban

    Délégué à la protection des données, CTIE