Study Programmes Master en Sciences de l’ingénieur – Efficacité énergétique et économique

Study and career opportunities

Career opportunities for MEEE track graduates include jobs as engineers or management consultants in private and public sectors.
Their unique profile at the intersection between engineering and economics is highly sought.

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    Learning Outcomes

    • Demonstrate mastery of energy efficiency for different building categories (e.g. detached houses, apartments, schools, offices)
    • Mastery energy efficiency of industrial processes like steel-making and thermodynamic cycle processes, including electricity production
    • Financially analyse energy solutions by applying classical business administration approaches: invest, return, net present value
    • Apply the European assessment Policy to energetic questions
    • Deploy relevant design methods to large solar thermal systems and apply them to energy engineering
    • Understand modern monitoring systems to optimise complex plants even from a distance
    • Apply a wide repertoire of concepts, methods, and modern technologies to real-life problems arising in many technological projects
    • Thoroughly apply life-cycle analysis as an assessment tool
    • Approach other related areas of knowledge and recognise interconnections
    • Apply up to date fire-protection and fire-prevention rules, knowing their legal character and how they interact with building ventilation
    • Work independently, or in a team, and function professionally.

    Study perspectives

    Graduates can continue their studies with a PhD in Engineering Sciences at the University of Luxembourg

    Career perspectives

    Graduates have access to various jobs in engineering companies, research institutions, and administrations.

    I opted for this Master as it combines the engineering science and economics, which are both immense relevance nowadays. Students are taught not only how to solve any energy-related issue but also how to evaluate it, from the financial point of view. The possibility to spend one semester abroad is a great opportunity to learn more about another country. ”

    Elena Sobon-Muhlenbrock