Study Programmes Interdisciplinary Space Master

Study and career opportunities

Career opportunities for ISM graduates include jobs in technical or administrative areas throughout the space sector. They may also become engineers or consultants. With their technical knowledge and business expertise they are also prepared to join start-up and proof-of-concept projects.

Further study through a doctoral programme is possible.

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    Learning Outcomes

    Graduates are prepared for a variety of professional functions requiring skills in:

    • Systems and space systems engineering, technology development, and application
    • Space mission analysis, spacecraft design, and data processing
    • Big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence
    • Software and/or hardware programming tools (robotics, STK, etc.)
    • Space application systems and the corresponding observation methods
    • – Translation of scientific space objectives into mission requirements used to advise system engineers
    • Processing, analysis, and interpretation of space-derived data (sometimes big data) using machine learning and artificial intelligence for a variety of space applications
    • Design of observation and navigation systems for a particular purpose
    • Quality control and assessment of the reliability of space data

    Study perspectives

    Graduates from the Interdisciplinary Space Master can continue with a PhD in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at the University of Luxembourg.

    Career perspectives

    Teaching and researching opportunities in:

    • Information technology
    • Information/cyber-security
    • Space systems
    • Safety, security and privacy-critical systems
    • AI/Machine learning
    The Doctoral School in Science and Engineering provides a research-oriented doctoral programme, friendly and diverse academic community, and supervision from the world-class researchers. In my opinion, one of the highlights of the school is frequent seminars which are given by prestigious visiting researchers and the school faculty. I would also highlight excellent school amenities and great support for participation in academic conferences and training. I enjoyed every moment of my time there and I would highly recommend this doctoral programme to any aspiring student. ”
    M. Skrobot

    Marjan Skrobot