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Applied Information Technology

The Bachelor in Applied Information Technology (BINFO) at the University of Luxembourg offers an excellent, generalist education in information technology (IT).

The programme at a glance – 180 ECTS

  • Duration:
    3 years / 6 sem
  • Teaching languages:
    FR + EN
  • Admissions:
    EU: 1 Feb 2024 – 21 Aug 2024

    Non-EU: 1 Feb 2024 – 30 Apr 2024
  • Fees:
    400€/ sem. (semester 1,2)
    200€/ sem. (semester 3,4,5,6)
  • Format:
    Full-time programme (Part-time student status allowed)


The Bachelor in Applied Information Technology (BINFO) presents a dynamic and hands-on curriculum designed to equip students with practical skills essential for a seamless transition into the workforce upon graduation, whether in the public or private sector. This programme not only imparts fundamental skills but also instills a foundational knowledge base, laying the groundwork for ongoing education and sustained professional growth.

The Bachelor in Information Technology is managed by the Department of Computer Science, which comprises a globally diverse team. This team seamlessly blends the expertise of seasoned university researchers with the practical insights of IT professionals drawn from the private sector.

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Professional training

The Bachelor programme is meticulously crafted to align with the evolving requirements of companies. It provides a structured pathway for progressive specialization within the realm of computer science professions. A distinctive feature of the curriculum is a dedicated semester devoted to hands-on internship experiences in diverse sectors, including but not limited to the banking industry, auditing and consulting firms, the technology sector, public administration, and research institutions.

Tutoring sessions

Hands-on practical sessions are conducted in intimate, small-group settings, ensuring personalized attention and a conducive learning environment. Additionally, students benefit from dedicated tutoring sessions that complement their academic journey, providing guidance and support throughout their studies.


For any question regarding the Bachelor in Applied Information Technology, please send your request to

  • Volker Müller

    Study Programme Director
    Computer Science
  • Sandra Rosin

    Study Programme Administrator
    Computer Science