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University of Luxembourg’s Department of Mathematics

Algebra & Number Theory, Geometry & Topology, Probability & Stochastic Analysis, Statistics & Data Science, Discrete & Geometric Analysis, DMATH fosters high-level international research in many complementary areas. We enjoy sharing the multiple facets of mathematics locally – through teaching, outreach, public- and private-sector contacts – and internationally, with collaborators across the globe.

    Mathematics in Luxembourg, a forge for future innovation

    Our aim is to make DMATH a department with a unique configuration that is both solid and flexible. Since 2003, this policy has created a nurturing environment where highly respected, unconstrained, cutting-edge research happens. Today, our talented, young, international team successfully engages with many areas of mathematics – Algebra & Number Theory, Geometry & Topology, Probability & Stochastic Analysis, Statistics & Data Science, Discrete & Geometric Analysis.

    Mathematics is everywhere, from banking to meteorology, from imaging to search engine optimisation. DMATH contributes to industrial developments in Luxembourg through collaborations and by providing graduates with strong mathematical knowledge and reasoning.

    Quality teaching from the bachelor’s to PhD levels is of the utmost importance to us. In addition to traditional programmes, in our Experimental Mathematics Lab, students are encouraged to develop their independence and maturity and can rapidly start tackling research.

    We love being part of the constantly expanding mathematical universe.

    We believe that mathematics transcends race, gender, and background and do our best to convey this through our outreach, teaching, and recruitment

    What we stand for

    Our mission

    DMATH is a strong mathematics department developing excellent research as the common denominator for its many teaching and outreach activities, in line with’s overall mission.

    Our vision

    At DMATH, we want to continue to expand our knowledge, inclusiveness, and diversity on all fronts, by making strong contributions to the mathematical universe.

    Our values

    A bright hub in an international network

    Our researchers come from many countries and continuously collaborate with academics all over the world, ensuring that the University of Luxemburg remains a bright and active hub in the global network of mathematics.

    To communicate the beauty of and our excitement for mathematics

    A dive into mathematics can be thrilling, difficult, frustrating, eye-opening… but it is mostly fun. That’s what we believe and aim to convey through all our activities, within the lab, the class, and beyond.

    Mathematics without boundaries

    Anybody can do mathematics, irrespective of gender, origin, or background. DMATH fights stereotypes whenever we can, for example with our Girls Exploring Math initiative. Our mathematics programmes, Math Camp and Math Forge, help all students at the University of Luxemburg to develop their skills.

    Our team

    Creators and communicators in the art of mathematics

    DMATH develops cutting-edge research that filters down to students at the University of Luxembourg, whatever their discipline, and to Luxembourg as a whole. Our creativity is stimulated by interdisciplinary contacts and regular seminars, such as the Multiplicities seminars celebrating the diversity of mathematics and mathematicians. Our team members’ diverse origins widen our perspectives and enrich our teaching methods.

    Giovanni Peccati

    Giovanni Peccati

    Head of Department of Mathematics

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