Study Programmes Master en Gérontologie

Career opportunities

Graduates of the programme work in a variety of senior positions in the gerontological sector. These include managerial positions in mobile care services and in nursing homes, senior positions in inpatient facilities (e.g. quality assurance, social service), teaching and organizational activities in educational institutions (e.g. LTPS, GERO, University of Luxembourg), positions in long-term care insurance and policymaking.

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    Teaching and learning in the Master in Gerontology are based on three priorities:

    The programme consists of eight semesters, covering three major areas of learning:
    (1) the fundamentals of medical, psychological, and social, cultural, and environmental aspects of ageing;
    (2) research, diagnostic, and intervention methods;
    (3) applications in the formal and informal sectors of working with older people

    An internship of 14 days in the second year of study, and a Master thesis on a research question in one of the different areas of gerontology at the end of the programme complete the Master programme.

    Learning outcomes

    At the end of the programme, students have acquired relevant knowledge and skills for

    • understanding and solving new and difficult professional tasks in the work with older people
    • implementation of innovative projects in the senior sector
    • quality management in facilities for older people
    • management of services and facilities for older people
    • executing responsible and highly specialized professional positions in working with older adults
    • evaluating and discussing the medical, nursing, legal, ethical and economic issues of working with older people
    • lecturing activities in umbrella organizations and professional associations in the field of assistance for older people
    • teaching about age-related topics in the context of training and continuing education
    • participation in reports on older people, planning and implementation of policy measures
    • gerontological counseling of older people and their families