Study Programmes Master en Enseignement secondaire – Langue et littérature luxembourgeoise

Educational Sciences

The Educational Sciences part covers the pedagogical, psychological and general didactical curriculum of the Master in Secondary Education and is embedded in the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET) and taught across all tracks of the Master degree programme. Within this area, the two internships are accommodated, which represent an integral part of the Master programme and are organised in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (MENJE).

In addition to the main areas School Research, Multilingualism and Heterogeneity and Teaching and Learning in Social Contexts, the study programme in Educational Sciences also includes :

  • workshops focusing on Special Educational Needs – in cooperation with the Centre pour le développement des apprentissages Grande-Duchesse Maria Teresa (CDA)
  • dedicated transfer classes that prepare for and follow up on the school internships and are complemented by individual mentoring sessions.

Teaching in this programme area reflects the latest research findings, as published in the National Education Report for Luxembourg, which is also issued by LUCET.

Teaching Staff in Education Sciences :

• Isabell Baumann
• Thomas Lenz
• Constanze Weth
• Alexa Crais
• Barbara Ullmann
• Sandra Baumann
• Pedro Mendes
• Axel Grund
• Pascale Engel de Abreu
• Geoffroy Drouville
• Serge Wolfsperger
• Ann Kiefer
• Dominic Harion