Study Programmes Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Is psychology the right course for you?

Are you not quite sure what to expect from studies in psychology?
Do your interests largely coincide with the actual study content?
Do your ideas about studying psychology correspond to reality?

The following tips provide a comprehensive picture of the study of psychology and thus increase your chances of a successful application for the Bachelor of Science in Psychology:

  • Search the web: Take a close look at the curricula and course descriptions of different psychology study programmes. For example, you could consult the Study Guide (German only) published by The German Psychological Society. This should help you gain a clearer view of what studying psychology entails both in terms of content and requirements.
  • Take a self assessment: A number of universities offer online self-tests for prospective students. If you have the necessary German language skills, the list of links compiled by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) might prove helpful and you could also take the OSA-Test
  • Read scientific literature: You may want to have a look at the fundamental literature of the field you intend to study.
    • One standard reference work (in German) would be: Gerrig, R.J. (2018). Psychologie (21. Auflage). Pearson Studium.
    • A former BAP student published the following textbook: Schmithüsen, F. (2015). Lernskript Psychologie. Die Grundlagenfächer kompakt. Heidelberg: Springerverlag. For more information on this book, click here.
    • Myers, D. (2014): Psychologie (3. Auflage). Springer
  • Talk to psychologists: Ask them about their work routine, including their experiences during their studies.
  • Do an internship in a relevant psychological field: Look for an internship in an institution where psychologists work.
  • Get first hand experience: Attend open days and taster courses offered by various universities. Reflect on and compare the insights you gain from these experiences

Every spring, the University of Luxembourg organises the “Journée portes ouvertes” (Open Day) for prospective students. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know students and lecturers, discover the campus during a guided tour and attend information sessions, which are held all day. For dates and more information on the Open Day, click here.

Every autumn you have the opportunity to attend courses during the “L’Université à l’essai” week. To find out about the latest dates, click here.

  • Visit student fairs: It goes without saying that the BAP attends the Foire de l’étudiant student fair, which is held every year at Luxexpo in Kirchberg in autumn. On top of that, we are present at several fairs in Germany and France. For current dates of fairs the BAP will attend, please click here
  • Contact us: The Study Programme Specialist of the BAP will gladly answer any question you might have about studying in BAP. Please do not hesitate contact her by e-mail: