Study Programmes Bachelor en Cultures Européennes – Lëtzebuerger Linguistik a Literatur

Study and Career opportunities

Our graduates can continue their studies at Master level in the MES-Luxembourgish Studies. (link page) Their interdisciplinary training also prepares them for postgraduate studies in other fields in the Humanities. They can opt for a career in teaching or establish themselves in professional fields such as the media, journalism, publishing, communication, cultural agencies, public relations and many other areas.

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    What sets our graduates apart?

    Our graduates express themselves fluently in multiple languages.

    If you choose the BCE Lëtzebuerger Linguistik a Literatur, you will acquire in-depth knowledge in Luxembourgish linguistics and literature. You will also be encouraged to navigate between different cultures socially and professionally.

    Our graduates are independent critical thinkers.

    If you choose the BCE Lëtzebuerger Linguistik a Literatur, we will teach you to examine how language is used in everyday life and in literary texts from an academic perspective. You will learn to create well-grounded arguments that evaluate and combine different perspectives and approaches.

    Further Studies and Career Perspectives

    We aim to equip our graduates with skills that will matter for their future academic and/or professional careers.

    Depending on your plans for the future, a strong specialisation, and sometimes even a second specialisation, are necessary or advised. This would be the case, for instance, if you were thinking of going into teaching.

    • As a graduate of our programme, you will be qualified to pursue a Master’s degree in Luxembourg Studies and/or other related fields in the Humanities.

    • In combination with a Master’s degree, our graduates also meet the legal requirements for teaching careers in Luxembourg (further information: Luxembourg Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

    In some professions, the ability to grasp and analyse unfamiliar issues and subjects quickly and productively is a highly valued skill. Our programme’s interdisciplinary outlook and focus on critical thinking, presentation skills, and active engagement with text and language prepares our graduates for careers in the following areas, among many others:

    • the media, journalism, and related professions.
    • publishing, communication, public relations, and related professions.
    • cultural agencies and administrations, and related professions.