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About the Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities unites more than 100 international experts from fields including linguistics, literature & arts, history, philosophy, multilingualism, digital humanities & media studies, and didactics. The researchers in the department strive to make a positive impact on society through research and education. We believe in the power of knowledge and critical thinking to shape the future and are dedicated to advancing our understanding of societal complexities. We are the leading institution in Luxembourg studies worldwide. We offer a wide range of interdisciplinary, often multilingual programs in an international and inclusive atmosphere. Our courses are research-oriented, often with hands-on opportunities for projects, in collaboration with stakeholders from the Luxembourgish society and international actors.

Research institutes

Seven research institutes with an interdisciplinary

Scholarship in the humanities is highly self-reflective and based on sound methods such as source criticism, historical reasoning, conceptual analysis and interpretation, but at the same time open to social and other sciences as well as to the application of modern technology.

The research institute of Multilingualism

Conducts research on the challenges of learning and living in linguistically diverse contexts, studying multilingualism in individuals and society and its impact on education and well-being. 

The institute of Philosophy

Focuses on research and teaching is modern and contemporary European philosophy.

The institute of Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literature

Stands for its pioneering spirit by introducing and implementing new research paradigms and critical lenses for the study of language and literature related topics in Luxembourg and beyond. 

The institute of History

Focuses on four major themes of research: Borders and Identity, Power and Legitimation, History and Space, Materiality and Culture. 

The institute of German Studies

Is dedicated to the German language and its literature from the early Middle Ages to the present, in its entire bandwidth. 

The institute of English Studies

Participate in the multiple dimensions of the field of English Studies in and beyond the Anglophone world and engages with literary and linguistic corpora and culture in English and other languages. 

The institute of Romance Studies, Media & Arts

Provides a laboratory of cultural studies, structured around three major strands: Romance Studies, Media, Art. 

The people in the Department

An interface for different academic cultural traditions

Driven by curiosity, scientific rigor, and social engagement, our researchers are highly regarded experts in their respective fields. We are committed to fostering a community of scholars who work together to address pressing contemporary issues in a changing world.

Peter Gilles

Peter Gilles

Head of Department