Department Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences

We develop and advance the understanding of human behavior and cognition

Research in our department aims at understanding human behavior and cognition, including their biological basis, social aspects of behaviour, mental and physical health and the interplay between individuals and their physical, economic, cultural and social environments as well as their development across the life span. The Department’s focus also includes psychological methodology, psychometrics, assessment and user-experience. Empirical methodology, scientific rigour and interdisciplinary thinking are important pillars of our research.

Our Research Projects


Three Institutes, one interdisciplinary approach.

From the biological basis to the social and cultural contexts of human behaviour

Research in our department aims at measuring and understanding human behavior and cognition from various perspectives (e.g., psychology, cognitive sciences, economy, health sciences). We employ experimental and observational methodologies, as well as large-scale longitudinal surveys, physiological measurement and experience sampling to understand how people behave and how their behavior and thoughts interact with their social and cultural environments throughout the life span. We also develop and evaluate scientifically based interventions to improve health and educational outcomes.

Our research takes place in close collaboration with national partners in Luxembourg from research institutions, industry, social organizations, as well as international research institutions. Research in the Department takes an interdisciplinary approach and is fully committed to the research priorities of the University, which include the digital world, education, and health, and the societal and scientific challenges that they entail

Our 3 institutes

  • Health & Behaviour
  • Cognitive Science & Assessment
  • Lifespan Development, Family & Culture