Study Programmes Master in Wealth Management

Career opportunities

Assets under management in Luxembourg’s private banking industry have seen impressive uninterrupted growth since the 2008 financial crisis from EUR225 billion in 2008 to EUR599 billion in 2021.
Through their internship, teaching by professionals, as well as additional opportunities for networking with the industry, students can connect with potential employers during their studies, paving the way for a successful career entry.


5 reasons to study wealth management in Luxembourg

• Gain knowledge, skills and competences to successfully launch your career
• Programme designed to meet highest international standards
• Interdisciplinary approach, including courses in finance, law, taxation and client experience
• Theory and practice: learn from academics and practitioners
• Internship and networking opportunities in Luxembourg, a major international financial centre

Learning outcomes

• Advanced, interdisciplinary knowledge within the academic field
• Detailed understanding of the wealth management profession, including legal and regulatory frameworks, client relationship management, investment strategies, mathematical tools, and further aspect of wealth management
• Skills and tools to analyze problems and develop appropriate solutions based on well-founded

• Scientific knowledge of theories, methods, and instruments of the field
• Critical thinking, ability to work independently and communicate on the subject using terminology, language, and expressions of the field
• Exposure to the wealth management sector, opportunities for professional networking