Study Programmes Master in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law LL.M.

Career opportunities

This LL.M. provides students with a competitive edge to successfully enter the rapidly expanding field of European economic and financial criminal law in Luxembourg or abroad, for example as a compliance expert, white-collar crime lawyer or EU official. Moreover, the programme can also be a springboard for further academic studies at PhD-level.


An interdisciplinary programme delivering students a solid academic foundation and teaching practical skills relevant to real world careers

-Gain an understanding of current and emerging issues in the field of European Criminal Law

-Learn how recent challenges such as cybercrime, digital transformation, economic crime are being addressed at the local and European level and delve into modern problems of investigation such as gathering digital evidence

-Discover the rich legal landscape in Luxembourg and how it is shaped by a large and flourishing financial sector

-Develop practical and transferable skills related to the field such as how to read financial statements and how an audit it conducted.

Career perspectives

A wide variety of career opportunities in many different sectors and environments

Graduates of the Master in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law (LL.M.) go on to find employment in a wide-range of organisations, with many students being offered an employment contract at the end of their mandatory internship.

Some graduates go on to sit the Luxembourg Bar Exam and begin a classic legal career, while others join European Institutions such as the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is headquartered in Luxembourg.

Other graduates find employment within compliance and legal departments of banks, financial service providers, accounting and auditing firms and even start-ups.