Study Programmes Master in European Business Law LL.M.

Career opportunities

Students will be prepared for employment opportunities in national administrations, the European institutions, law firms, the judiciary, banks and financial institutions, or as notaries. The LL.M. in European Business Law also provides a springboard for further academic studies at PhD-level.


In-depth understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of European business law,

Our LLM programme intends to give students an understanding of the conceptual framework of European Business Law; analytical skills to apply legal rules to factual situations; a critical and independent view of law and legal developments; and an ability to engage in methodical research and present legal solutions and viewpoints in a systematic and clear manner.

Learning Outcomes

Strong theoritical knowledge and highly valuable practical skills

1. Knowledge:
Students will develop specialized field knowledge and integrate knowledge across content areas.
2. Diverse Perspectives:
Students will be able to evaluate diverse points of view embedded within varying legal frameworks.
3. Critical Inquiry (Competency Skills):
Students will be able to engage in critical inquiry through principle-based approaches or methods and through legal information search and evaluation strategies.
4. Applied Learning (Practical Skills):
Students will be able to apply legal learning across multiple contexts, integrating knowledge and practice.7