Study Programmes Master in European and International Tax Law LL.M.

Career opportunities

The LL.M. in European and International Tax Law prepares students for leading positions in the legal, tax and advisory sector, national administrations, or European and international institutions. Graduates also will have the opportunity to pursue further academic studies at PhD-level.


Programme Objectives

Students will learn to master the principles of tax law in order to be able to work with ever-changing legal rules, and to successfully recognise issues arising in new taxing jurisdictions.

Students will learn to make use of the extensive Luxembourg tax treaty network and gain first-hand exposure to real tax issues and the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

This programme puts a particular emphasis on the interaction of tax treaty law with domestic tax law, as well as the effects of primary and secondary EU law on domestic tax rules.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain a comprehensive education in everything tax.

– In-depth knowledge of tax treaty law

– Mastery of the Luxembourg tax system

– Understanding of the interaction of primary EU law with tax rules

– Expertise in secondary EU tax law

– Comprehensive grasp of the interaction between taxation and the investment fund and financial industry

– Insights into the theory of tax policy