Study Programmes Master in European and International Tax Law LL.M.


To apply for a programme at the University of Luxembourg, candidates must comply with the general eligibility criteria for the chosen programme type and be selected by the study programme based on the quality of their application.

The Programme at a glance – 120 ECTS

  • Duration:
    2 years / 4 sem
  • Teaching Languages:
    EN + FR
  • Admissions:
    Definitely closed
    Admissions for 2024-2025 open on 1 February 2024
  • Fees:
    200€/ sem. (semester 3,4)
  • Format:
    Full-time programme (Part-time student status allowed)

Specific information for this programme

  • Required Degree

    Students applying for the Master in European and International Tax Law can enter directly into the second year of the Master programme (M2) with the goal of obtaining an LL.M. degree. This requires the successful completion of four years of studies amounting to 240 ECTS, typically by having obtained a Master degree in law or equivalent studies, which include courses in European law and taxation. Students will be admitted upon decision of an admissions committee.

    Applicants who have successfully completed three years of studies amounting to 180 ECTS (typically a Bachelor in Law or equivalent studies) are eligible to apply for the common first year of LL.M. studies at the University of Luxembourg (M1). It offers a variety of courses in European and international law from which students may choose in order to prepare for the specific requirements of the second year (M2).

  • Language Skills

    Applications should include supporting documents showing evidence of the necessary language skills required to follow the bilingual programme (B2 or higher in both French and English)

  • Documents

    Applications must include a cover letter, CV, copies of diplomas and transcripts, as well as supporting documents showing evidence of the necessary language skills required to follow the bilingual programme (B2 or higher in French and English).

    Applicants should also include at least one but a maximum of two letters of recommendation from their referees. Two names of professors from the University of Luxembourg, who have agreed to be your referees, will suffice for students who have obtained their Bachelor’s degree at our university.

  • Procedure

    The student office (SEVE) will screen applications for the fulfilment of eligibility. Only applications meeting the minimum requirements in terms of background and supporting documents will be forwarded to the admissions committee, consisting of the Programme’s co-directors.

    As a maximum of 25 students can be admitted in any given year, admission to the programme is not guaranteed, but based on a competitive process. The final admission decision is made on a rolling basis. Early application is thus highly encouraged.

  • Key elements

    Key elements for admission are an applicant’s background (i.e. proven acquaintance with a national tax system either through higher education or practical experience), grades from relevant previous studies, and language skills.

  • The ideal candidate

    The programme seeks to attract students from diverse backgrounds. Examples for “ideal” candidates range from students with outstanding academic performance but little to no practical expertise to seasoned professionals with enthusiasm to broaden their academic profile.
    While we do not require proficiency in both English and French, and many of our best graduates’ mother tongue is neither, a good level of understanding of both languages is imperative to follow the courses offered. Students are expected to work on their language competences in tandem with coursework. The university provides expert classes to that end.

How to…

… write your motivation letter

Talk about your career ambitions, relevant background (especially insofar as it is not obvious from your transcripts), and why our Master is especially suitable for your needs.

The admissions committee is particularly interested to ensure that your goals and ambitions align with what we can offer to you.