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Our finance lunch seminars usually take place Thursday during lunchtime (12:15 to 13:30). Want to receive invitations to our events? Please register to our newsletter to be added to our mailing list. 

  • 2020

    No events

  • 01 Apr 2021

    Anastassia Fedyk, UC Berkeley
    Lehman’s Lemons: Do Career Disruptions Matter for the Top 5%?

  • 29 Apr 2021

    Hanno Lustig, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    Financial and Total Wealth Inequality with Declining Interest Rates

  • 06 May 2021

    Wenxin Du, University of Chicago
    U.S. Banks and Global Liquidity

  • 20 May 2021

    Adrien Auclert, Stanford University
    Demographics, Wealth, and Global Imbalances in the Twenty-First Century

  • 10 June 2021

    Juliane Begenau, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    How Do Private Equity Fees Vary Across Public Pensions?

  • 17 June 2021

    Marcin Kacperczyk, Imperial College London
    How Do Private Equity Fees Vary Across Public Pensions?

  • 21 Oct 2021

    Nicole Gennaioli, Bocconi University

  • 28 Nov 2019

    Lucy White, Boston University
    A Theory for Vote Trading and Information Aggregation

  • 02 Dec 2019

    Tony Ahnert, Bank of Canada
    Bank Competition, Bank Runs and Opacity

  • 05 Dec 2019

    Christopher Palmer, MIT Sloan Management
    Real Effects of Search Frictions in Consumer Credit Markets

  • 12 Dec 2019

    Peter Bossaerts, University of Melbourne
    Asset Pricing In a World of Imperfect Foresight

  • 2020

    No events

  • 15 Nov 2018

    Gennaro Bernile, Miami University
    Option Listing and Corporate Policies

  • 22 Nov 2018

    Svetlana Bryzgalova, London Business School

  • 06 Dec 2018

    Nancy Xu, Boston College
    The Time Variation in Risk Appetite and Uncertainty

  • 07 Mar 2019

    Snehal Banerjee, UCSD
    Dynamic Information Acquisition and Entry into New Markets

  • 14 Mar 2019

    Elisabeth Kempf, University of Chicago
    Partisan Professionals: Evidence from Credit Rating Analysts

  • 21 Mar 2019

    Sascha Steffen, Frankfurt School of Finance
    Brexit and the Contraction of Syndicated Landing

  • 02 Apr 2019

    Vikas Agarwal, Georgia State University
    Unobserved Performance of Hedge Funds

  • 04 Apr 2019

    Maria Bigoni, University of Bologna
    Hope and Anger: an experiment on inequality and antisocial behavior

  • 25 Apr 2019

    Hans Degryse, KU Leuven
    Priority Rules

  • 30 Apr 2019

    Svetlana Bryzgalova, London Business School
    Consumption in Asset Returns

  • 07 May 2019

    Jeffrey Wuergler, New York University
    Financing the Response to Climate Change: The Pricing and Ownership of U.S. Green Bonds

  • 21 May 2019

    Darrell Duffie, Stanford University
    The Decline of Too Big to Fail

  • 23 May 2019

    Peter Koudijs, Stanford University
    Shareholder Liability and Bank Failure

  • 04 June 2019

    Tarun Chordia, Emory University
    Market Efficiency in Real Time: Evidence from Low Latency Activity around Earnings Announcements

  • 05 June 2019

    Rajnish Mahra, Arizona State University
    Is Idiosyncratic Risk Conditionally Prices?

  • 13 June 2019

    Tarun Ramadorai, Imperial College London
    Gravity, Counterparties, and Foreign Investment

  • 27 June 2019

    Gustavo Manso, University of California (Berkeley)
    Recommendations with Feedback

  • 04 Jul 2019

    Moqi Groen-Xu, London School of Economics
    Pay for future Returns

  • 26 Sep 2019

    Alexander Ljungqvist, Stockholm School of Economics
    Value Creation and Persistence in Privacy Equity

  • 03 Oct 2019

    Nikolas Topaloglou, Athens University of Economics and Business
    How anomalous are stock market anomalies after all?

  • 10 Oct 2019

    Antonio Mele, University of Lugano
    A Theory of Debt Accumulation and Deficit Cycles

  • 07 Nov 2019

    Paolo Zaffaroni, Imperial College London
    Factor Models for Conditional Asset Pricing

  • 14 Sep 2017

    Diane Pierret, Université de Lausanne
    Stressed Banks

  • 21 Sep 2017

    Neale Mahoney, University of Chicago
    How Do Individuals Repay Their Debt? The Balance-Matching Heuristic

  • 05 Oct 2017

    Pierre Collin-Dufresne, EPFL
    Activism, Strategic Trading, and Liquidity

  • 12 Oct 2017

    Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, New York Federal reserve
    Bad Credit, No Problem? Credit and Labor Market Consequences of Bad Credit Reports

  • 16 Nov 2017

    Ivan Shaliastovich, University of Wisconsin
    Government Policy Approval and Exchange Rates

  • 23 Nov 2017

    Manuel Santos, University of Miami
    A Model of Managerial Talent: Addressing Some Puzzles in CEO Compensation

  • 30 Nov 2017

    Irina Zviadadze, Stockholm School of Economics
    Term structure of risk in expected returns

  • 14 Dec 2017

    Julien Cujean, University of Maryland
    The Lost Capital Asset Pricing Model

  • 22 Feb 2018

    Michael Weber, University of Chicago
    Monetary Policy through Production Networks: Evidence from the Stock Market

  • 08 Mar 2018

    Lorenz Kueng, Northwestern University
    Excess Sensitivity of High-Income Consumers

  • 15 Mar 2018

    Guillaume Vuillemey, HEC Paris and CEPR
    The Failure of a Clearinghouse: Empirical Evidence

  • 22 Mar 2018

    Julien Sauvagnat, Bocconi University
    Import Competition and Household Debit

  • 29 Mar 2018

    Johannes Stroebel, New York University
    House Price Beliefs And Mortgage Leverage Choice

  • 19 Apr 2018

    Francisco Gomes, London Business School
    Tactical Target Date Funds

  • 26 Apr 2018

    Mariana Khapko, University of Toronto
    Smart Settlement

  • 03 May 2018

    Steven D. Baker, University of Virginia
    Asset Prices and Portfolios with Externalities

  • 17 May 2018

    Charles G. Nathanson, Northwestern University
    Speculative Dynamics of Prices and Volume

  • 31 May 2018

    Christine Parlour, U.C. Berkeley
    Making Money: Commercial Banks, Liquidity Transformation and the Payment System

  • 07 June 2018

    Thummim Cho, London Schools of Economics
    Turning Alphas into Betas: Arbitrage and the Cross-Section of Risk

  • 28 June 2018

    Roberto Steri, University of Lausanne and Swiss Finance Institute
    A Corporate Financing-Based Asset Pricing Model

  • 05 July 2018

    Erik Loualiche, University of Minnesota
    Efficient Bubbles?

  • 08 Sep 2016

    Tyler Muir, UCLA
    Volatility Managed Portfolios

  • 22 Sep 2016

    Mike Burkart, London Schools of Economics
    Activism and Takeover

  • 29 Sep 2016

    Kelly Shue, University of Chicago
    Consistent Good News and Inconsistent Bad News

  • 04 Oct 2016

    Luriano Mancini, Swiss Finance Institute
    Optimal Investment in Variance Swaps and Other Assets

  • 06 Oct 2016

    Albert S. Kyle, University of Maryland
    Dimensional Analysis and Market Microstructure invariance

  • 20 Oct 2016

    Harry Huizinga, Tilburg University
    Foreign Banks and International Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Syndicated Loan market

  • 05 Dec 2016*

    Ryan Riordan, Queen’s University
    High-frequency trading and extreme price movements

  • 08 Dec 2016*

    Alon Brav, Duke University
    How Does Hedge Fund Activism Reshape Corporate Innovation?

  • 13 Dec 2016*

    Viktor Todorov, Northwestern University
    The Pricing of Tail Risk and the Equity Premium: Evidence from International Option Markets

  • 14 Dec 2016*

    Josh Rauh, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    State Taxation and the Reallocation of Business Activity: Evidence from Establishment-Level Data

  • 15 Dec 2016*

    Margarita Tsoutsoura, University of Chicago
    Divers of Effort: Evidence from Employee Absenteeism

  • 10 Jan 2017*

    Heiko Jacobs, University of Mannheim
    Anomalies Across the Globe: Once Public, No Longer Existent?

  • 12 Jan 2017*

    François Legrand, EM Lyon
    Household Finance and the Value of Life

  • 24 Jan 2017*

    Melissa Porras Prado, Nova School of Business and Economics
    Basis-momentum in the futures curve and volatility risk

  • 26 Jan 2017*

    Jean-Pierre Zigrand, London Schools of Economics
    The Investment Performance of Collectable Books

  • 02 Feb 2017*

    Thierry Foucault, HEC Paris
    Corporate Strategy, Conformism, and the Stock Market

  • 09 Feb 2017*

    Tim Kröncke, University of Basel
    How does the equity premium respond to monetary policy, and why?

  • 02 Mar 2017*

    Shai Bernstein, Stanford University
    Bankruptcy Spilovers

  • 08 Mar 2017*

    Saïd Fihri, KPMG
    Finance & Technology Seminar: Advancing asset management using the Blockchain technology

  • 09 Mar 2017*

    Jules van Binsbergen, Wharton University
    Real Anomalies

  • 16 Mar 2017*

    Adrien Verdelhan, MIT
    Deviations from Covered Interest Rate Parity

  • 23 Mar 2017*

    Eric Ghysels, University of North Carolina
    Granularity and (Downside) Risk in Equity Markets

  • 28 Mar 2017*

    Peter Koudijs, Stanford University
    For Richer, For Poorer: Banker’s Skin-in-the-game and Risk Taking in New England, 1867-1880

  • 30 Mar 2017*

    Emilio Osambela, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
    Preventing Controversial Catastrophes

  • 06 Apr 2017*

    Stefano Giglio, University of Chicago
    Inference on Risk Premia in the Presence of Omitted Factors

  • 27 Apr 2017*

    Peter Kondor, London School of Economics
    Financial Choice and Financial Information

  • 18 May 2017*

    Will Dobbie, Princeton University
    Targeting Debt Relief: Experimental Evidence from Distressed Credit Card Borrowers

  • 13 June 2017*

    François Gourio, Federal reserve bank Chicago
    Risk Premia at the ZLB: a Macroeconomic Interpretation

  • 22 June 2017*

    Marco DiMaggio, Harvard University
    The Relevance of Broker Networks for Information Diffusion in the Stock Market

  • 27 June 2017*

    Jörg Rocholt, ESMT Berlin
    Collateral, Central Bank repos, and systemic arbitrage

  • 29 June 2017*

    Ben Iverson, Northwestern University
    Trade Creditors’ Information Advantage

  • 04 July 2017*

    Michaela Pagel, Columbia Business School
    The Ostrich in US: Selective Attention to Financial Accounts, Income, Spending, and Liquidity

*This seminars received the financial support of the FNR – National Research Fund seminars

The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and the Department of Finance organize a joint seminar series since 2019. The ESM is the permanent stability mechanism of the euro area and provides, where needed, financial assistance to euro area Member States. The ESM and the Department of Finance have developed many shared topics of interest in the field of macro-finance and financial economics. The goal of this seminar series is to invite prominent researchers in those fields to present their work in Luxembourg and to meet local researchers. The seminars are held over lunchtime and are open to the public. The location alternates between the ESM and the Department of Finance.

To be informed about upcoming seminars, please sign up to our newsletter. Note: For organisational purposes, your registration information (name and affiliation) will be shared between the ESM and the Department of Finance. The Department of Finance will not share your contact information with any other third party. You may unsubscribe from our list on the bottom of any our emails or by sending an e-mail to .

  • 6 May 2025

    Arvind Krishnamurthy, Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Responsible organiser: TBA

  • 1 April 2025

    Vania Stavrakeva, London Business School

    Responsible organiser: TBA

  • 3 October 2024

    Laura Alfaro, Harvard Business School

    Responsible organiser: TBA

  • 14 May 2024

    Atif Mian, Princeton University

    Responsible organiser: ESM

  • 28 Feb 2024

    Viral Acharya, New York University

    Responsible organiser:

  • 27 Oct 2022

    Stefan Nagel, University of Chicago
    Dynamics of Subjective Risk Premia

    Responsible organiser:

  • 07 June 2022

    Steven Ongena, University of Zürich
    Too-big-to-strand? Bond versus bank financing in the transition to a low-carbon economy

    Responsible organiser: ESM

  • 07 Oct 2021

    Nina Boyarchenko, Federal reserve bank New York
    It’s what you say and what you buy: a holistic evaluation of the corporate credit facilities

    Responsible organiser: ESM

  • 26 Feb 2020

    Olivier Blanchard, Peterson Institute for Int. Economics
    Revisiting the EU fiscal framework in an era of low interest rates

    Responsible organiser: ESM

  • 21 Nov 2019

    Manju Puri, Duke Fuqua School of Business
    Private equity and financial stability: evidence from failed bank resolution in the crisis

    Responsible organiser:

  • 24 Oct 2019

    Luigi Zingales, Chicago Booth School of Business
    The lesson from Italian non performing loans

    Responsible organiser: ESM