Limited duration of stay

  • 24 May 2022

The University of Luxembourg can allocate accommodation to enrolled students  who followa full-time study programme.

Although it has a stock of approximately 1000 student accommodations, the University is not able to satisfy all student requests for accommodation. In order to ensure adequate availability of accommodation for new students, the University has decided, after consultation with the student delegation, to limit the length of stay in student residences.

From the winter semester 2022-23 starting in September 2022, the maximum duration of stay in a residence will be

  • thirty-six (36) months for students enrolled in the same Bachelor degree programme,
  • twenty-four (24) months for students enrolled in the same Master’s degree programme,
  • twenty-four (24) months for doctoral candidates newly enrolled at the University of Luxembourg (on/after 1 March 2022).
  • twenty-four (24) months for all doctoral students registered at the University of Luxembourg before 1 March 2022 and who have not been provided with student accommodation before 1 March 2022.  

A transition period will be implemented for students currently living in a University residence, who will be able to benefit from this accommodation until the end of their current study programmes. The new rules limiting the duration of stay apply however to any student who is currently in housing and who would change to another study course or study level and has exceeded the normal study period of 24 months or 36 months, depending on the level and study course.

The University will no longer offer rental contracts

  • to students who have exceeded the maximum duration of stay,
  • students who have changed their course of study and have reached the maximum duration of stay in their original programme,
  • to any person other than students.

If you plan to continue your studies or activities in Luxembourg, we invite you to make arrangements for alternative accommodation.