Outgoing student mobility Erasmus+

Step 2: How to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme

Bachelor students

A call will be sent out in March for the entire following academic year (for mobilities during the winter as well as the summer semester).

At the beginning of March, the students concerned will receive an invitation to their student email address to complete an online form via the mobility portal.

In the online form, it is possible to indicate up to 3 partner universities of your choice. You must express your choices by preference order, which means that your first choice is the partner institution you wish to go to the most etc…

Nota bene: No changes will be allowed once the form is submitted. The students’ choices are not treated on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t submit your form in a hurry.

Erasmus+ spots will be allocated by the study programme director based on academic criteria (number of credits and average).

Once the spot allocation is finished end of March/beginning of April you will receive an email on your student mail address asking you to accept or to refuse (explaining why) your allocated spot, still via the mobility portal.

You accepted your spot…what are the next steps?

Master students

You have first to ask for the validation of your mobility project by your study programme director, then contact the respective person for mobility within your faculty and the Outgoing Mobility Office in order to indicate your mobility wishes.

Erasmus+ spots will be allocated by your study programmes director.

Once the spots for Master students have been allocated, you will receive an email on your student mail address asking you to accept the allocated spot.

What are the next steps?