Communities engagement

Sustainability awareness

At the forefront of our mission lies the imperative to cultivate an understanding of sustainability. Our aim is to foster awareness of sustainable development concerns within the University community.

To this end, we offer an array of informative resources and engagement opportunities:

  • Sustainability LunchTalk series
  • The Sustainability Letter
  • Diverse learning tools
  • Beyond awareness: proactive initiatives

Sustainability LunchTalk series

These concise and interactive gatherings serve as invaluable forums for comprehending and preparing for forthcoming transformations. We meticulously organize these sessions for your convenience and actively encourage your participation, including the opportunity to engage with speakers during dedicated Q&A segments.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to be informed of the next LunchTalk.

The Sustainability Letter

Providing a comprehensive insight into the University’s sustainable development endeavors, this publication features articles and interviews highlighting our ongoing projects and initiatives.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the Sustainability Letter to stay informed.

Learning tools

Educational resources for the students and the staff