Gender Equality

Gender Equality

A group of people

With our aspiration to provide clear information about gender equality at the University of Luxembourg, these pages serve both female and male researchers and employees to share thoughts and knowledge on the issues in relation to gender in higher education institutions.

The University of Luxembourg is committed to gender equality as a matter of fairness and as a key tool to support academic excellence. We promote and advance gender equality through our Gender Equality Policy, which is designed to:

  1. promote gender diversity in research and academic careers;
  2. support women, as the underrepresented gender, in leadership positions;
  3. ensure that training, promotions and appraisal procedures for the University of Luxembourg employees are gender-responsive.

The Gender Equality Officer and the Gender Equality Committee lead the implementation of the Gender Equality Policy. 

Our principles

  • Implicit biases (in practices, in procedures and in our minds) may persist despite the best intentions.
  • The University supports parents in academia and more broadly it aims to create an environment where staff members can have a successful career and achieve work-life balance.
  • The University commits to a professional environment with equal opportunity and fair treatment. We provide clear procedures to solve any discriminatory or harassment episode.
  • Gender-inclusive communication avoids discriminatory and gendered words and expressions, masculine role titles, and stereotypes.
  • Gender equality doubles the pool of talents, thus it is encouraged and supported in recruitment, detention and career opportunities.
  • Teaching and research, related to gender, leads to social transformations with lasting effects in the mind of future generations.


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