Gazengel – Methodology, Camilla & co

  • Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH)
    15 November 2023
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Two researchers talking to each other, yes and so what? A good start to season 3, wouldn’t you say? The further along we get in our work, the more we accumulate… From reading to note-taking, how do we tackle thesis writing and put all the pieces together? Oh dear, I’ve written down a great idea, but I can’t remember in which notebook! How can you not panic when you realise that taking notes is all good and well, but finding a method of clarifying the progress of your research is even better! And what is even better? To exchange about it with your colleagues and friends!  

Here, with Camilla and my faithful Benziglout, we bring you an episode about sharing ideas and exchanging good advice. Why is it important to talk about it?

It’s enough to read Tiphaine Rivière’s “Carnet de thèse” to realise that it’s a very strange world where everyone seems to be working for themselves, with little feedback from their thesis supervisor and even fewer fruitful exchanges with other PhD students to help each other out. Misery… Say, Gazengel, aren’t you exaggerating just a little? Perhaps I am… well, let’s just say that it’s a reality that shouldn’t be overlooked!

So, the purpose of this episode is to share with you a real-life experience where, with the comfort of reserving a room at C2DH and borrowing markers, we were able to talk about sources, note-taking and optimising our database. It was very stimulating! Do you have anything to add, Benziglout? Just curious to know if this anecdote resonates with you. Tell us all about it!

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Gazengel: Methodology, Camilla & co

Camilla and Gazengel work at their desk. Camilla offers to discuss the methodology that Gazengel imagined. They find themselves in a room with the cat and Gazengel introduces her. Thomas, curious, arrives but he has no right to know.