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A comprehensive understanding of security threats, and a profound knowledge in building resilient systems characterise CritiX as a team. This expertise can assist public entities and businesses in all stages of resilient-by-design product development. Some application examples include resilience in cloud and Industry 4.0 applications, satellite constellations, and payment networks in FinTech.

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Huawei Partnership on Resilient Autonomous Driving

In collaboration with Huawei Dortmund, Germany and Huawei Singapore, CritiX is developing fault-, intrusion-tolerant, and resilient technology for autonomous driving.

Autonomous vehicles run complex software stacks that might fail due to accidental causes, but also possibly be the target of cyberattacks. Together with Huawei engineers and researchers, we have been looking at several components in a research stack called Apollo, and investigated replication techniques to secure the command execution component, which is responsible for following safe trajectories obtained from the perception and prediction subsystems. We have further investigated techniques to secure the perception and prediction subsystem itself, for which classical replication would be too costly.

Last but not least, we conduct research on how the complex autonomous driving subsystem can safely and securely interact with the individual electronic control units that apply the driving decisions to the actuators that turn the wheels, accelerate or brake.