Research group Applied Security and Information Assurance (APSIA)

Strategy Lab

The Strategy Lab is a subgroup of APSIA specialising in strategic reasoning and verification. We focus on the use of formal methods to model and reason about the possible behaviour of human participants in socio-technical systems, such as e-voting protocols. To achieve that, we use formalisations in agent logics, process algebras, and models of game theory.

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Our Publications

Research Interests

Our Research Interests Include:

  • Formal models of socio-technical systems
  • Formal specification and reasoning about strategies of users and adversaries in security protocols
  • Game theoretic models: players, threats, and incentives
  • Rational security and rational cryptography
  • Model checking of strategic properties in socio-technical systems
  • Quantum strategies and their relationship to quantum and post-quantum security

Current Members:

  • Wojchiech Jamroga
  • Peter B. Roenne
  • Peter Y. A. Ryan
  • Masoud Tabatabaei
  • Marie-Laure Zollinger
  • Yan Kim

Head of Lab

Portrait photo of Prof. Peter Ryan
Prof. Peter Ryan

Full Professor in Computer Science and Applied Security