Key area

Sustainable and Societal Development

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The vision of the University of Luxembourg is to be a world-class university that makes a decisive contribution to sustainable development. It does not focus solely on technological advances but gives equal value to individual well-being, socio-economic factors and cultural aspects to encourage sustainable and societal development.

A strong focus will be on providing quality education as the foundation for a sustainable society. The University of Luxembourg will engage in educational research by harnessing digital tools and methods, enabling the country to serve as a test bed for a multilingual, multicultural and open society. The University will consolidate its position, and the position of Luxembourg, as an international platform for the twin green and digital transition and will also contribute a social sciences and humanities perspective to sustainable and societal development.


  • Excellence in sustainable development implies becoming a university that is sustainable in all its aspects, including in its operational and functional processes. Therefore the University will develop a University-wide strategy and action plan that incorporates the principles of sustainable development in research, in education, on the institutional level, for the campuses, and in its dialogue with society.
  • The University will conceptualise a new Interdisciplinary Centre (IC) with an overall focus on environmental systems, including their relevance to society, with a distinct interdisciplinary ambition. By this initiative, the University sets a visible new and strategic impulse. It will galvanise ideas from the University’s community, to be captured through an ideas competition.