Research area Spectroscopy & Functional Materials

Understand, design & control materials for future technology

Spectroscopy and Functional Materials

Combining experimental approaches and advanced modelling to understand how materials function


This research area investigates novel materials to unveil the fundamental processes that govern and determine the properties of matter.
It involves the following research groups:
– NanoMagnetism
– Multifunctional Ferroic Materials
– Ultrafast Condensed Matter Physics
– Scanning Probe Microscopy
– Energy Materials
– Physics of Advanced Materials
– Theoretical Solid-State Physics
– Theory of Mesoscopic Quantum Systems
– Theory and Simulation of Functional Materials
– Liquid Crystals and Nanomaterials.

The research activity deploys a wide range of cutting-edge spectroscopic techniques to understand, design, and control materials for important applications in future technology.
The experimental activity is accompanied by advanced modelling of fundamental phenomena to obtain a complete picture of the mechanisms determining how materials and related devices function.

Research groups